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Customized Programs

Custom-tailored fitness journeys designed to meet

your unique goals and capabilities

Expert Team

Direct access to certified

trainers and  nutritionists, ensuring professional, personalized guidance

Advanced Facilities

A modern, well-equipped

gym outfitted with the latest in fitness technology for an unmatched experience

Supportive Community

A motivating and welcoming space that nurtures

progress and fosters a sense of community

Fitness Covered

Hollywood's exclusive sanctuary of health and refinement. Our origin is rootedin a profound dedication to redefining fitness and wellness, born from the vision of pioneers who understood that true well-being transcends the physical.

At Fitness Covered, we're more than a center; we're a prestigious enclave

where luxury meets cutting-edge wellness. Our commitment is to cultivate an environment not just of physical excellence, but of complete lifestyle transformation. This is a place where high-net-worth individuals gather, not just to train, but to be part of a distinguished community that values discretion, exclusivity, and unparalleled service.


Our facility is an epitome of sophistication, offering an array of services that go beyond the conventional. From the advanced techniques in our Personal Training to the rejuvenating ambience of our Infrared Saunas, each aspect of Fitness Covered is meticulously designed to ensure that your journey with us is nothing short of extraordinary. Join us at Fitness Covered, and embark on a journey where every moment is tailored to elevate your health, wellness, and spirit to new heights.

Our Team

Our team consists of accredited fitness professionals, nutritionists, and passionate athletes, all united by a singular mission: to champion your fitness voyage. We recognize the distinctiveness of each journey, which is why we provide a diverse array of services customized to meet personal requirements. Regardless of your experience level, from novice to expert, we are equipped to cater to your specific fitness aspirations





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